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Alternative “Pinteresting” Sites

If you haven’t heard about Pinterest, and you are between the ages of 25 and 44, you must be living under a rock!  Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media site in The United States next to Facebook and Twitter.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard centered around interests, like events, design, products, hobbies, etc. Businesses leverage these themes by creating custom boards relevant to their brand. Mixing your own product images with external images provides the most effective results.


It’s no surprise that due to its fast rising popularity; alternative sites are popping up around the Internet. Here is a list of 10 alternatives mentioned in Website Magazine:

  1. Manteresting – Interesting. Man. Things.
  2. Gentlemint – A mint of manly things.
  3. Fancy – Discover amazing stuff, collect the things you love, unlock crazy good deals.
  4. Juxtapost – All your favorite things, side-by-side.
  5. – Social bookmarking for pictures on VisualizeUs.
  6. Dribble – What are you working on? Dribble is show and tell for designers.
  7. Image Spark – This week’s popular images.
  8. Design:Related – Portfolios, inspiration, jobs and networking for creative professionals.
  9. Stylepin – Fashion and style pinboard inspirations.
  10. SparkRebel – Latest sparks on the site.

Check out these sites and see if they suit your preferences or business goals. Do you foresee any of these alternative sites reaching Pinterests’ popularity?  Or do you still only have an interest in Pinterest?

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