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How Google Glass will change search forever

Yup, that is a pretty bold statement. But, in our last 2 weeks of testing Google Glass, we strongly believe that Glass will be a tipping point in the new frontier of search: Voice.


Google has been in the process of building what they call a “Knowledge Graph” for years now. This is different from a typical search engine as we know it, rather, it tries to link information contextually- much like how a typical human brain works. By building this Graph, Google can serve up better results as its now not just looking at the term you are searching for, but also the context. This becomes extra important as we witness the rise of Voice Search.


Only recently has Google introduce Voice Search on the desktop version of Chrome. The Android operating system has had Voice Search for longer and as time progressed, it got smarter and smarter. When Google introduced Google Now for Android (and eventually iOS), Voice Search was a huge part of it. But, it’s a smartphone- there is more than one way to interact with it (voice and typing). This is where Google Glass will help shift the paradigm.


To (mainly) interact with Google Glass, you have to use your voice. Yes, you can navigate menus by touch, but if you want any sort of text entered, you have to say it. And, if you are like most people, you usually speak slightly differently than you type. This is where the Knowledge Graph comes into play. Now, not only can Google search for the specific term you state, but the context around it (Where is the closest train station to me? is an example). Based on the large pent-up demand we have witnessed around Glass, we predict that the amount of searches by voice will skyrocket once Glass is released to the public.


Don’t believe us? Google even has an HTML webform to embed in your own site (must be using Chrome to see):


<form method=”get” action=””&gt;
<input type=”text” name=”q” size=”30″ x-webkit-speech/>
<input type=”submit” value=”Google Search” />

From better searching, to finding translations, to interacting with devices in a new way- Voice Search is here. Are you ready?



Is Google Alerts the next product to die?

Image representing Google Alerts as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase


For most people, Alerts notifications are trickling to a halt. There hasn’t been a major update to the service in years, and it seems that internal development on it has stalled. Google Alerts is a free service that monitors indexing that the Google search engine does to the web. If a search term matches what is indexed, you will get an email alert. These indexing alerts seem to be slowing down, even when someone is posting a ton of content of the internet.

Users from Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land to Christina Warren of Mashable are reporting missed terms or outright outages of coverage. With the sudden death of Google Reader, even pro-Google advocates are worried that this is the next service that will go. So what should you do?

It’s time that you consider moving off Google Alerts to a different service. Not only will your reliability improve, but you are less likely to be blindsided by a the sudden demise of a beloved service. There are many other services available now, such as Mention or Infoxicate.

Do you have a favorite alert service? Let us know in the comments.

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