Why you should be using hashtags in your marketing effort (Super Bowl Edition)

2013 Super Bowl ads were inundated with hashtags… up 273% from 2012 to be exact.  50% of the aired ads prominently featured a hashtag, which translated to more than 300,000 impressions on Sunday alone.  Facebook, on the other hand, was only mentioned in 4 of the 52 spots.  This is a big change from last year’s Super Bowl where Twitter and Facebook tied with 8 ad mentions.  Not so surprisingly, some very large brands incorporated hashtags this year.

As originially reported in the Marketing Land blog, this year there were some big brands that put hashtags in their ads:

    1. M&Ms – #betterwithmms
    2. Audi – #braverywins
    3. Hyundai – #pickyourteam
    4. GoDaddy – #thekiss
    5. Doritos – #doritos
    6. Best Buy – #infiniteanswers
    7. Disney Oz – #disneyoz
    8. Fast & Furious movie – #fastandfurious
    9. Toyota – #wishgranted
    10. Doritos – #doritos
    11. Calvin Klein – #calvinklein
    12. Cars.com – #nodrama
    13. Bud Light – #herewego
    14. Hyundai Sonata – #epicplaydate
    15. Volkswagen – #gethappy
    16. Subway – #15yrwinningstreak
    17. Subway – #FebruANY
    18. Bud Light – #herewego
    19. Subway – #FebruANY
    20. Bud Light – #herewego
    21. MiO Fit – #changestuff
    22. Pistachios – #crackinstyle
    23. Speed Stick – #handleit
    24. Budweiser Clydesdales – #clydesdales
    25. Tide – #miraclestain
    26. Samsung – #thenextbigthing

Advertising is ramping up in 2013… especially on the second screen.  Take advantage of the many opportunities available!  Give us a shout so we can show you how to level the playing field and build your brand.

Here was the most tweeted hashtag ad:


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