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Facebook vs. LinkedIn, what would you choose?

As of late, friends and friends of friends ask me the same question.  Which is better, Facebook or LinkedIn?  This question comes up every weekend, without fail.  They then tell me they have a LinkedIn account but never do anything with it.  The only thing they ever do is accept invitations.

The real question here is: What are you trying to accomplish with either of these Social Mediums?  Are you using Social Media to build business connections? Brand? Actively engage customers or potential customers? Is your company better suited to promote products or services via Facebook events/offers or is your business better suited for one on one networking?  .  The truth is they are both well suited for business but companies have to decide if they can handle both mediums effectively and ongoing.  If they don’t have the time or personnel to manage both social media vehicles, opt for the one that works best with your business model.


Interesting Facts:

1. There are 55 million LinkedIn users and 155 million Facebook users in the United States

2.  326 million minutes are spent monthly on LinkedIn vs. 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook monthly in the U.S.

3.  22.5 million LinkedIn users ages 35+ in the U.S. vs. 51 million uses ages 35 to 64 in the U.S.

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