Check out these deeper Facebook content tools

If you’re trying to boost the number of people who “Like” you on your Facebook page (and who isn’t?), then it is going to be important for you to give people a reason to like your page. Well Facebook has a tool for you to use that will allow you to deliver different content on FBML tabs between users that are already connected to your page and users that aren’t.

Facebook’s “visible-to-connection’ tag shows the contents within one tag to those who like a page, and an entirely separate message to those who haven’t liked your page. The tag makes it possible for you to make your FBML tab available only to those who are a fan of your page, and a terrific marketing tool for things like coupons, trials, samples, sales and advanced looks at a special product or service you’re planning to offer.

When utilizing the code, make sure the messaging you send to non-connected users includes text instructing them to like the page for more information, with a ‘Like’ button included to make the process quick and easy. If you’re using this tag for the first time, just be aware that the tag could throw some users for a loop, as it only allows those with Facebook accounts the ability to view the content.

Users that are not logged into Facebook will not be able to see the content. Think you might be ready to try this tag? For more detailed technical information on how to implement this code, check out the visible-to-connection tag and the else tag on Facebook.  If you’re interested in learning more about custom Facebook applications, contact The InterCon Group today.


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