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Twitter… Real Benefits for Business to Business Relationships

If you don’t believe Twitter offers real benefits for the Business to Business sector, think again!  It is time to venture outside of the traditional marketing box which has been the mainstay of the Business to Business community and reap the benefits of real-time, social media opportunities.

Is your business positioned to effectively deal with real-time customer relations/management?  How about crisis and reputation management?  These issues require quick resolution which cannot be effectively handled using traditional vehicles such as articles, newspaper ads, press releases etc.

Do you want to beat the competition to the punch as far as new product development and promotions are concerned?  Is your company participating in a trade show or are sponsoring an event?  Compare the effectiveness of real-time Tweets to trade magazine ads or press releases in terms of customer engagement and buzz generation.

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Ogilvy Worldwide developed a fantastic Twitter Infographic.  The information contained in the Infographic clearly outlines the value of Twitter utilization for the Business to Business sector.

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