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New Click-to-Call Feature From Google

Now people searching using their smart phones can click a phone number in the ad and be connected to a business.  Rather than being charged for a ‘click’, the  advertisers is charged for the ‘click to call’… This works on the same principle as the pay-per-click feature in Google Adwords.

Helen Leggatt@Biz Report states, “After trial participants experienced “improved” click-through rates (from 5% to 30%) and increased telephone calls, as well as more traffic to their websites,  Google has decided to roll out the click-to-call service to all advertisers.

The cost to advertisers is the same as the cost for a click, which is a relatively inexpensive way to get a conversion or lead from an interested consumer.

“Many local advertisers – large and small – want to receive calls rather than clicks. And this new option provides a great deal of value and new possibilities for those advertisers. It’s also a bargain – call for the price of a click – for early advertisers, compared to more formal pay-per-call programs out there today,”  says Greg Sterling, principal analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence.

For more information on how to participate in this latest marketing feature from Google contact, The InterCon Group Search Engine Marketing Consultants at 866-488-8424.

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