The Benefits of Mobile (Text) Marketing

Mobile marketing is a fabulous marketing vehicle for any size business and any locality… local establishment or global brand.  Small business owners should relish the opportunity and embrace mobile marketing for many reasons; here are a just few.

  • In 2004, 10 billion text messages were sent… compare this to 80 billion in 2008 and 100+ billion in 2010. Text messaging is here to stay.
  • Mobile messages are read within 4 minutes compared to 48 hours for an average email
  • Reach mobile users any time of day or night. Potential and current customers don’t always have their computers with them, but they do have their phones.  Take full advantage of this as long as your customers voluntarily opt in to receive text messages… and always provide an opt out mechanism
  • Mobile marketing is extremely low-cost when compare to any other marketing vehicle. Cost can be as low as 5 cents a message. Utilize a shared short code and save even more!   Ask us about our new shared mobile marketing platform.  We offer a Web-based tool which enables any business to implement a mobile campaign. Send 1 text or 1 million texts.  No contracts, no limitations… register and go.
  • Mobile messaging is a 2-way communication channel that will build customer loyalty and yields a high level of engagement.
  • Campaigns can be real-time or pre-scheduled
  • Companies have see conversion rates as high as 25%….

I can go on and on… the sky is the limit as far as creatively utilizing mobile marketing. This is a new medium and we know you will have tons of questions.

Send questions via this blog or call us and we will be happy to discuss mobile opportunities with you.


3 comments so far

  1. chesskings on

    Isn’t it great how mobile marketing benefited us? I mean help us in many ways? Mobile Marketing has become more effective and is becoming a daily activity to many people.

  2. Dale on

    Did you know that most people keep their cell phone with in 3 feet at all times. Thay also read 90% of all text messages. This makes it the perfect marketing tool. It’s the Future of marketing. Want a coupon it’s on your cell phone.

    This is really cool!

    Great Blog!

    • The InterCon Group, Inc on


      Thanks for the comment..I am one of those people to keep her phone no more than 3 feet away and read all of her text messages. You never know what great coupon will be offered! TICG is excited about the Mobile Marketing possibilities!

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