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Twitter-Is your business getting the most out of this powerful Marketing tool?

The use of Twitter for any small business can be a very powerful Marketing tool. Twitter is a mechanism that can be used in conjunction with any marketing campaign; it can be used to drive business and quickly increase your customer base.  In order to use Twitter as a benefit to your business, there are several strategies that should be utilized.

I read a very good article which detailed 6 ideas for implementing Twitter effectively.  In the Article How Do I Best Use Twitter For My Small Business? by Ram Prayaga, I found the following list of ideas for growing your business through the use of Twitter to be very informative:

“1. Ace your Twitter introduction

Create a business account at Twitter and display clear information about your business, products and services. Place your business logo or company slogan if available. Tell all your clients, through email or your social media networks, to follow you at Twitter.

2. Socialize seriously and sincerely

Spend time following Twitter users and increasing your followers. Answer direct tweets. Re-tweet relevant messages from other users. Feel free to follow same-niche companies and even your competitors. Use Twinfluence or Klout to help you decide who the “influential” users to follow are. Tweetcloud even allows you to follow users that actually tweet about the same topics related to your business.

3. Listen, listen, and listen

Use Twitter’s search tool to find comments related to your business or your competitors. Save the search result to your “Saved Searches”, which you can click from hereon to get real-time results whenever you need. You can generate business leads, get updates on industry news, or keep track of your competitors’ activities this way. Use tools like TweetDeck, Trendistic or Monitter to get real-time updates on keyword trends at Twitter.

4. Tweet well, or don’t tweet at all

Keeping in mind that your messages affect the image of your business, be careful with what you tweet. Go for the casual or friendly tweet. Post useful links or articles related to your business. Re-tweets are ok, if they are quality material. Tweet about your business carefully, without coming across as too self-promotional. You can tweet news, free offers, sales discounts and coupons. Make sure you deliver on them. To make tweeting more efficient, you can use or TwitterFeed. allows you to easily send updates to Twitter and other social media sites. TwitterFeed creates automatic tweets every time your blog is updated.

5. Be open to customer feedback

Tweet questions or ideas that aim to solicit comments and opinions from your followers. A new addition to your restaurant menu can be discussed with users. Be prepared for gripes and complaints, or even rude tweets from irate users. Reply clearly and courteously. No matter how unpleasant, these revelations are healthy for your business because they can tell you what you are doing wrong, or what you need to improve.

6. Evaluate your Twitter experience

Keep track of your activities at Twitter. Record details like the number of users who used your promotional coupons, the number of questions that you answered or problems solved. For links to your website, track click-throughs and conversions originating from Twitter. not only shortens your links, it also tracks these links and gives you data on real-time traffic from your tweets.”

Contact The InterconGroup, Search Engine Marketers to assist you with the development and delivery of your Twitter campaign.  Let Our Social Media Experts work for you!


The Benefits of Mobile (Text) Marketing

Mobile marketing is a fabulous marketing vehicle for any size business and any locality… local establishment or global brand.  Small business owners should relish the opportunity and embrace mobile marketing for many reasons; here are a just few.

  • In 2004, 10 billion text messages were sent… compare this to 80 billion in 2008 and 100+ billion in 2010. Text messaging is here to stay.
  • Mobile messages are read within 4 minutes compared to 48 hours for an average email
  • Reach mobile users any time of day or night. Potential and current customers don’t always have their computers with them, but they do have their phones.  Take full advantage of this as long as your customers voluntarily opt in to receive text messages… and always provide an opt out mechanism
  • Mobile marketing is extremely low-cost when compare to any other marketing vehicle. Cost can be as low as 5 cents a message. Utilize a shared short code and save even more!   Ask us about our new shared mobile marketing platform.  We offer a Web-based tool which enables any business to implement a mobile campaign. Send 1 text or 1 million texts.  No contracts, no limitations… register and go.
  • Mobile messaging is a 2-way communication channel that will build customer loyalty and yields a high level of engagement.
  • Campaigns can be real-time or pre-scheduled
  • Companies have see conversion rates as high as 25%….

I can go on and on… the sky is the limit as far as creatively utilizing mobile marketing. This is a new medium and we know you will have tons of questions.

Send questions via this blog or call us and we will be happy to discuss mobile opportunities with you.

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