Website Usability versus Visitor Engagement Reality… Are They One and the Same?

We all know the importance of developing an intuitive Website that meets the needs of our customers.  We structure our navigational maps to deliver content within a click or two.

We conduct keyword research to identify highly searched or niche phrases relevant to our customer’s needs and forms the foundation for our content architecture. We review usability studies and website development best practices; we assess competitor and industry specific informational sites.  We spend months in development and are confident we’ve done the job right.

The Website is launched and data is mined from the onset.  The initial visitor data shows disappointing results in terms of user engagement… how could that be since we did everything right… by the book?  It is not uncommon to build a site ‘correctly’ in terms of on-site components. The real question is, do the components engage your audience?  Will visitors tell their friends and colleagues about it?  Will content areas gain viral exposure?

It is important to determine the areas dragging your site stats down? Replenish poorly performing areas with interactive content.  Study visitor trends and continually make Website adjustments to deliver a superior customer experience.

A structurally correct, content oriented Website does not necessarily equate to optimal performance…


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