Why try Pay Per Click Marketing

So your considering trying to market your products with one of the major search engine’s  Pay-Per Click (also known as PPC)  marketing programs?  Great idea!  Pay-Per-Click search marketing is one of the most affordable advertising options available to small businesses, baring it’s done correctly.  There are many things to consider so your investment pays off.  Today, I am going to touch on one of the factors involved in running a successful PPC campaign.

How much you can afford to bid/spend on a specific keyword?

The idea is to get a high PPC ranking to get traffic, but the top rankings for popular words are often times too expensive.

The solution is to target a large number of less popular keywords. These words are usually less expensive and can give you a considerable volume of traffic at a lower price.

For example, Let’s say you own a ski resort. The keyword “ski vacation” currently receives over 90,000 searches per month. That’s great, but it costs $6.51 per click for the top ranking. Instead of competing for that specific keyword, you would be better off choosing “ski trip” (5,871 monthly searches at $0.57 per click for the top spot) and “ski lodge” (5,241 monthly searches at $0.55 per click for the top spot).

By targeting several less popular keywords, you can get close to the same traffic as a popular keyword at a fraction of the cost.

So you may ask yourself, how do I choose terms that people are searching for at a lower cost?  The answer is, by performing a keyword research on the industry you are targeting! This is a service that we at the Intercon Group can provide for you.

It’s common for PPC advertisers to target dozens of keywords.  The Intercon Group manages  PPC campaigns for clients using thousands of terms.  If this is the case it must be well organized and be set up methodically, so it is easy to make changes and understand your data, because there are so many factors involved in the management process.

The downside is that it can be hard to manage a large number of keywords. You’ll want to track your listings, making sure your rankings stay near the top 3-4 positions.  Plus, you’ll want to know which keywords are driving business to your website, sending you qualified traffic and converting visitors into customers.

Many businesses also use  software packages to manage their listings. These software packages track your listings, and can adjust your bid if you drop in the rankings.  Keep in mind there is much more involved in the management of a PPC account besides rankings.

Many companies also outsource the management of their PPC campaigns. Most SEO companies offer PPC management services. These options cost money, but they usually pay for themselves by running your campaigns more efficiently.

You can call the Intercon Group to learn more about Pay-Per-Click management.


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