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What Constitutes a Good Keyword Phrase for Search Engine Optimization?

How many times has a friend or colleague told you their Website is ranked in the number one position on Google for a particular keyword phrase? Top ranking must mean they receive tons of visitor traffic to their Website, right?  Well, as Search Marketing Specialists we hear this all of the time, so what do we do?  The first step is to determine if people are in fact searching the keyword phrase.  99% of the time, we discover NO ONE is searching the keyword phrase, so even though their Website may be ranked in the number one position, no visits to their Website will occur.

The chart below lists 5 keyword phrases, 2 of which have no search activity whatsoever.  This means, companies with top ranking under those 2 phrases will not generate any visitor traffic.   Our goal as Search Engine marketing Specialists is to uncover highly searched, targeted keyword phrases that have a  low number of competing Websites vying for top ranking.  The more Websites vying for top ranking, the more difficult it is to achieve top ranking.

Keyword # of Searches in 24Hrs # of Competing Web Pages
metal distributor 2 263000
scrap metal buyers 8 975000
scrap metal pricing 18 2050000
surplus metals 0
selling surplus metals 0

Marketing and the Holiday Season

Recently I read an article by Maria E. Andreu about Marketing during the Holidays.  (  Many companies don’t realize the importance of Marketing during the holidays, and write off their Marketing efforts at that time.

This article points out that the holiday season is an important time to continue and broaden your marketing efforts.  Using Search Engine Marketing, and Internet Marketing is an excellent way of doing this.

The InterconGroup is a leading Search Engine Marketing Firm.  We develop visually stimulating websites that rank our clients in the TOP 10 positions on search engines and drive target leads to their sites.  This both increases sales and brand awareness.  The InterconGroup also specializes in Pay Per Click Marketing; another marketing strategy utilized to increase sales and market awareness.

Contact The InterConGroup before the Holiday season begins to Develop your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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