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Mobile Marketing Drives Traffic and Sales

If you haven’t considered mobile marketing for your company today….think again. All the data coming in from credible data sources on the Internet are reporting amazing results as far as customer acquisition, prospecting and driving traffic is concerned. The most successful adopters of mobile marketing use it to broadcast “information and alerts about products” second only to “mobile couponing”. Our recommendation is to run don’t walk to your nearest Mobile Marketing Campaign Provider to begin your campaign today!

To Improve PPC Campaign Performance – Remember the “Basics”

I just read a good article from about maximizing the ROI of your PPC Ad campaign. The article by Saurav Verma, highlights key elements that are often overlooked when analyzing methods to improve the performance of your PPC campaign.

Development of a  good PPC campaign requires good key word research,  relevant landing pages,  drafting of good copy and  constant monitoring. You must constantly tweak and test different ad copy and keywords to avoid stagnant campaigns and lowered overall efficiency.

If you have are interested in implementing an effective PPC campaign contact The Intercongroup, a leading Search Engine Marketing Company.

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