Improving Bounce Rates…. Step by Step

A common question amongst Website owners is “how many visitors do you get?”  The question of choice should be “how many net visitors do you get?”  Gross visitor totals paint an unreliable portrait of Website activity.  It is not uncommon to see bounce rates (number of visitors who view 1 page and exit promptly… divided by the total number of visits) of  60- 70+ percent!  What this means is a gross monthly visitor total of 5000 visits with an average bounce rate of 65% yields a net visitor total of just 1750 visits.

The task at hand is to identify where and why bounces occur.  Listed below are typical bounce blunders:

  1. Your Website content does not engage the visitor
  2. The keywords you have optimized are not driving the right audience
  3. Your landing pages are Flash-filled and offer no compelling information
  4. Broad match results are delivering untargeted or broad keyword phrases

Steps to reducing your bounce rates:

  1. Always begin your organic and paid campaigns with comprehensive keyword research
  2. Ensure your landing pages contain content related to the search query
  3. Ensure your landing pages engage the visitor
  4. Run a search query report for your paid campaign to identify and remove untargeted keyword phrases
  5. Test your phrases using broad, phrase and exact match
  6. Test paid ads, page titles and descriptions for organic search results

Carefully assessing keyword phrases, ads and landing pages followed by ongoing revisions to these areas based on analytical data will decrease bounce rates.

Let our Search Marketing Consultants recommend the right steps for your website. Call 440-914-4250 for more information on our Bouce Rate Consulting Services.


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