A Few Thoughts and Comments About Microsoft’s New “BING”

BING, Microsoft’s answer to Google Search Engine domination, has hit the Web and whether BING does or doesn’t stand for “But Its Not Google” may be up for debate, the  decision engine has certainly made an indelible impression on Web surfers.

What does this mean for your Search Engine Optimization efforts if you are a business owner? As BING is reportedly using different algorithms and criteria to rank websites, the time is right to seek help from  SEO Experts with the skills necessary to bring your website up to 1st page SERP rankings on BING. One thing you can count on…when it comes to Search Engine Optimization the methodology has changed dramatically to keep up with the changing algorithms of the major SE players. The InterCon Group, with 10 years of experience in SEO, can assist with your Search Engine Optimization using the latest tools and research.

Watch this YouTube Video on BING.


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