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Will New Google Features Change SEO?

In the ever evolving Search Engine arena, Google is now testing new features which could become the norm if adopted by users for everyday searching.

This article from Brafton.comNew Google Features could change SEO. highlights some of the changes that are due to occur. A good Search Engine Optimization plan is your best bet when it comes to maintaining your valuable rankings and preparing for what lies ahead.

Does Swine Flu Surfing Mark A Change In SEO?

The InterCon Group foretold of changing trends in search behavior earlier this year, as evidenced by the increasing number of words searchers/surfers were typing into the search box to find information fast.

Seems that the search phrases “Swine Flu” and “H1N1” are now bringing to the forefront just how right on we were in our analysis of this change, as this article from sheds more light on Search Behavior.

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