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Tailor PPC Ad Copy To Buying Cycle

I recently read a fantastic article, by Mona Elesseily, about tailoring paid ad copy to meet consumer buy cycles.

PPC(pay per click) advertising can be a great supplement to your website’s organic search engine optimization efforts, especially during highly competitive peak buying seasons.

Contact The InterconGroup, Search Engine Marketers to develop your PPC campaign geared towards your consumer’s buying cycle. Our Pay Per Click specialists generate ads and increase relevancy by delivering appropriate messages at the right time in the buy cycle.

A Deeper Look At Robots.txt

This article from SearchEngineLand by Stephan Spencer* discusses the details and importance of including a Robots.txt file in your website for SEO best practices, as each time a search engine spider or “bot” comes to your site, it will look for this file.

The InterCon Group includes a robots.txt file in each and every site we optimize, adhering to  SEO best practices, and as the content and site change, we update the Sitemap and the Robots.txt file as needed.

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