What’s all the Twitter about…?

I have to admit up until now social media sites such as My Space or Facebook have not thrilled me to the point of actually wanting to go in and create a profile page of my own. I didn’t want my life “out there” on the internet, exposed for the whole world to see. TICG (The Intercon Group) created a business page on Facebook and started to blog consistently, to build our exposure on the web and help our search engine rankings. I still did not get on the band wagon…

Then I was introduced to Twitter… this particular form of social media, known as “micro-blogging” or expressing yourself in 140 characters or less, intrigued me. Thus, I set up a twitter account and created a profile. I liked the limit of 140 characters, as you have to get to the point without droning on and on. At The InterCon Group, we have been coming up with ways to inform our followers on Twitter of the latest SEO information and news. We post a “tweet” or a small intro and a link to an article that would be of interest. “Tweet topics” include the latest developments in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC Advertising or our latest blog entry which focuses on current marketing trends.

If you have a new product launch and want to spread the word fast…use Twitter and tweet it to your followers. If nothing else, you get to be among the millions joining the new found craze…Twitter!


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