Facebook – It’s Not Just For Kids (Part 2)

It’s 2007 and  junior high, high school and college students everywhere are using Facebook each day outside of  school, to communicate and share information including the latest gossip, photos, videos and more.

Enter the 35+ demo, savvy to new technologies but not at as quick a pace as the average 12-30 year old. Facebook, or Social Networking sites in general, began to attract and appeal to this age group as it became apparent that social media was here to stay. The concept of staying in touch with a wide variety and large number of friends by visiting one site online is ideal no matter how old you are. The number of 35+ Facebook users continues to grow each day.

So how can you use Facebook to market your business, what value does it provide other than as a communication tool for networking among friends? Once you sign up for Facebook, you can search and find groups of others who have shared interests and spread out your reach to these other users or “networks”. You can create a page for your business and provide the link to this page in your profile.

Does it drive visitors in large numbers to your website? It can, but as each business is so unique, your marketing efforts via Facebook must be carefully planned and executed to effectively utilize this amazing new opportunity.

Contact Social Media Marketing Specialists to claim your place on Facebook, Friendster, or MySpace, we can help grow your online presence and to learn more about Social Media.


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