To Submit to Search Engines or Not to Submit… That is the Question??

Years ago, it was commonplace for search engine optimization specialists to submit page URLS to search engines for inclusion in their databases.  Some optimization specialists went as far as to submit on a daily basis.

Google and the other engines frowned upon this procedure and soon banned sites for over-submission.  Monthly submissions were the golden rule until navigational site maps and XML site maps hit the scene.  According to the engines and many optimization specialists,  it was no longer necessary to submit Web pages since the search engine spiders routinely crawl the Web.   They maintain crawl frequency increases with the frequency of content updates.  The question is,  do engines crawl and index pages as well as they say they do? Our data suggests they do not….

Our case studies show significant declines (in ranking) when manual submissions to search engines cease.  In some cases ranking dropped as much as a 40% over a 6-8 month period.  As far as we are concerned, there is no downside to submitting Web pages on a monthly basis (as long as the engines still enable us to do so).

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