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Link Development

Link Development is one of the most important and critical tools Search Engine Marketing Specialists use to increase a website’s search engine visibility, popularity and rankings. Link Popularity is defined as “the number of links pointing to your website from other websites.” Typically, search engines consider a website important and rank it higher in Search Engine Results pages(SERP) if other important websites link to that website. The link counts as a”vote” for your website and helps establish credibility in the eyes of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Enhancing link popularity also improves the Google PageRank of your website. PageRank is Google’s measurement tool, a “patented formula” used to determine the importance and popularity of a website. The higher the PageRank of your website, the better its position in the search engine result pages (SERP). Search engines also consider the PageRank of the pages that link to your site, and their relevance to your industry. Links from pages that have industry relevance to your website and also have a high PageRank give your site greater value.

However, not all links are considered beneficial. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN devalue links from “Free for All sites” and Link Exchange sites, thus it is best to avoid these altogether. In order to gain maximum search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from an incoming link, it is essential that the site linking to you contains content or information that is relevant to your site.

If executed correctly, link building can improve the search engine ranking of your web page, and ultimately influence the importance of your site. In addition to improving search engine ranking, some other benefits of linking are:

1. Links Create Direct Traffic to your site;

2. Links create and build user and search engine trust;

3. Links Inform Search Engines and Users about the content of your site;

4. Links Are Free Advertising;

5. Links Reveal Strategic Partnerships;

6. Links Are Assets – They Add Value to Your Property;

7. Links provide opportunity for branding.

Although many factors contribute to the overall success and high ranking of your website, remember that you must continue to build the quality and number of inbound links to your site. This is especially true if there are a lot of competing websites in your industry.

Let the Search Engine Marketing Specialists at The InterCon Group develop and execute your Link Development Strategy today.

The Top Reasons to Outsource Your PPC Campaign

The internet has become a fabulous place to conduct business. In order to make your company stand out from the crowd, many companies are choosing Pay Per Click management due to its accountability and performance. Managing a PPC campaign is no longer a simple task, companies expend too much time and money trying to market their products using Pay Per Click Marketing with little or no success. Many companies are now outsourcing their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns as there is a lot to know about this marketing technique. In this post, I discuss the top reasons a company should consider outsourcing their PPC campaign.

Keyword Research

Bidding on the same keywords as your competition is comparable to running the exact same ad in a magazine. You must rely on your ad copy to attract visitors and differentiate you from others in the online marketplace. A good search marketing company will have their own resources, such as keyword research tools, that might not be available to those outside of the industry. This tool will help expand your keyword portfolio and bring in more qualified leads and sales using keywords that your competition is not already using to drive business to their site.

PPC Account Management Firms Know Their Engines.

Most established PPC Management Agencies have familiarity with all the major PPC networks. They work with PPC campaigns on a daily basis and know the intricacies and differences between systems. Additionally, they possess greater knowledge of what works and what is necessary to achieve success. This includes strong, well tested ad copy, which gets higher click through rates, thus improving your overall essential metrics.


Pay Per Click networks such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are bridging the gap between PPC and SEO by integrating Quality Scores into the mix. Landing page quality score optimization is very much like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A solid understanding and implementation of the concepts of SEO, landing page relevancy and quality score is no longer an easy task for the average marketer. An online marketing agency has the knowledge and understanding of trends and terminology and can quickly identify problem areas.


Let’s face it. Even the most seasoned experts run into problems sometimes. An established Pay Per Click Management company should have quality contacts, including representatives from the search engines , bloggers or business contacts. An outsourced PPC marketing agency will have the resources to find answers to problems FAST rather than waiting for boilerplate support replies.

Cross Pollination

PPC Management firms can “cross-pollinate.” This term refers to implementing strategies and tactics that work for one client to  another, or many. Ideas that work in one industry can be adapted and applied to others.

Bleeding Edge

They can also determine which of the new tools and programs that Google and Yahoo introduce on a regular basis, are appropriate for you. The announcement of preferred CPC (Cost Per Click) made a big splash in terms of news but has most recently been very quiet. Our agency know because we’ve tested it and found it’s not all that great!

Changing PPC Landscape.

A good SEO firm will not just “set it and forget it.” The landscape is always changing and your account needs to change with it. New advertisers are entering the online space, existing advertisers are gaining experience and thus becoming more difficult to compete against. And Google and Yahoo are constantly refining their PPC programs to generate the most relevant results. Many times after we assume PPC management for an account we find an amazing amount of “low hanging fruit” because they’ve hardly been touched since the accounts initial set up.


A good PPC Management Company can save you time on two different fronts. You  won’t have to manage the accounts yourself and you don’t need to keep up-to-date on the various trends. That free time cab be ysed ti focus on other high-ROI activities that will help your businesses grow.

Peace Of Mind

They can offer relief and peace of mind. It’s a huge benefit knowing that your PPC campaign is handled professionally — your bids, ads and placement are monitored constantly and you don’t have to worry about it!

(Source=Redfly marketing article May 8th 2007)

The bottom line is this- As a  Search Engine Marketing company , we do not expect you to be experts trying to market your products through PPC and the many different search engines that are available to you as this is one of our areas of specialization. You are busy enough running your own business and Pay Per Click Advertising on the major search engines has become a major player in the quest for sales and profits.

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