Can You Afford Not to Optimize?

The chaotic economic climate has wreaked havoc for businesses and consumers alike.  Marketing budgets have been slashed due to rising labor, health care and material costs.

How can businesses ensure sufficient and continual growth with smaller advertising budgets?

The good news is with due diligence and very hard work, anyone can achieve top search engine ranking.  Top ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN delivers greater prolonged exposure than any other promotional vehicle – online or offline.  Those who take on the challenges of search engine optimization will benefit tremendously without spending a single dime!   For those not inclined to master optimization alone, there are reputable Search Engine Optimization Consultants throughout the world.   Although hiring a Search Engine Consultant is not without cost, the potential return is worth the investment.

Quick Facts:

  1. Search engines are the # 1 resource used by consumers looking for products and services.
  2. 73% of those surveyed preferred to find products and services using a search engine rather than having an advertisement sent to them.
  3. The Internet is not just for E-Commerce.  9 out of 10 people use search engines to find local businesses.  More than 1 billion local searches are conducted every month.
  4. Local business owners who place themselves on search engines are in the best position to grow their companies.
  5. When locating a product or service:

73% used search engines

59% used the Yellow Pages

50% used the Internet Yellow Pages

44% used the local newspaper

33% used the White Pages

29% used Television

20% used Direct Mail

15% used Radio

The enormous challenge businesses face is producing ads when and where consumers are looking for them.  Search Engine Optimization enables any business owner the opportunity to gain exposure 24 hours a day for pennies on the dollar.  If search engine optimization is not part of your customer acquisition strategy, it should be.


2 comments so far

  1. Ruby on

    Great topic & it has covered several points regarding
    search engine optimization. But I got a question, do you think onpage factors or offpage factors play a bigger role for SEO? Please advise

  2. ticg on

    Onpage and offpage factors play an equal role in SEO, a well designed Search Engine Optimization plan that uses a mix of onpage and offpage factors, always “white hat” will be the most effective.

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